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Product Characteristics
Typical Materials
Typical Applications
Sign manufacturers need visually appealing, competitively priced materials that will process well and create the finest possible end product.

Curbell Plastics has an extensive inventory of plastic sheet materials, adhesives, and sealants for use in the construction of indoor and outdoor signs.

In addition, Curbell recognizes the need for materials and technical support to address such problems hot spots, UV, fading, crazing, breakage, and forming.

Stocked Materials for Indoor and Outdoor Sign Applications

Curbell supplies materials for all types of signs including channel letter signs, electrical signs, indoor signs, LED signs, menu boards, neon signs, outdoor signs, and thermoformed signs.

Our extensive inventory includes:

Urethane Foam Board

Urethane foam board is also known as HDU board. Urethane foam board is used for hand-carved signs as well as CNC-machining (excellent cutting).

Urethane Foam Board (HDU Board) by Coastal Enterprises - Request a Quote Now
SIZES4 ft x 8 ft
4 ft x 10 ft
5 ft x 8 ft
5 ft x 10 ft
THICKNESSES½" up to 24"
DENSITIES PBLT-4: 4 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-6: 6 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-8: 8 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-10: 10 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-12: 12 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-15: 15 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-18: 18 lbs per cubic foot
PBLT-20: 20 lbs per cubic foot
*Custom-cut boards and custom-bonded blocks also available

Ancillary Materials for Urethane Foam Board

Product Characteristics
  • Quick delivery allows for rapid turnaround of projects
  • Wide range of colors, sizes, and opacities
  • Easy to:
    • Bond with adhesives and solvent cements
    • Thermoform
    • Print and paint
  • UV stable grades
  • Impact modified grades
  • Materials resistant to:
    • Breakage
    • Crazing
    • Fading
    • Forming
    • Hot spots
    • UV

...and quick delivery of sign materials allows for rapid
turnaround of projects
Typical Materials

Related Products for Sign Builders...

Metal Bonding Adhesive: Plexus MA830

  • UL listed: Sign Components Manual (SAM), ITW Plexus/Devcon, E256424
  • Working time: About 5 minutes
  • Fixture time: About 20 minutes

Clear Adhesive: Plexus MA685

  • Two-component cartridge - no hand mixing
  • Fills gaps
  • Bonds dissimilar substrates - acrylic and polycarbonate and other materials
  • UV stable

Plexus MA420FS

  • UL listed, ITW Plexus/Devcon
  • Working time: 1-2 minutes
  • Fixture time: 3-4 minutes
  • Effective light block, eliminates need for secondary sealant (MA420FS BLACK also UL listed)

Plexus MA205HV

  • UL listed, ITW Plexus/Devcon
  • Working time: 3-5 minutes
  • Fixture time: About 8 minutes

Plexus MA830

  • UL listed, ITW Plexus/Devcon
  • Working time: 4-6 minutes
  • Fixture time: 15-18 minutes

    Plexus MA832

    • UL listed, ITW Plexus/Devcon
    • Working time: 12-16 minutes
    • Fixture time: 55 minutes

    Solvent Welders

    Weld On 3 | Weld On 4 | Weld On 16

    Acetoxy-Cure Silicone Sealant

    NEW! Silicone in Pressurized canister

    Great for tight spaces - No gun needed!
    Boss 315 Clear - Contact Curbell Plastics for details
  • Typical Applications
    • Carved signs
    • Channel letters
    • Digital printing
    • Electrical signs
    • Interior signs
    • LED signs
    • Light boxes
    • Menu boards
    • Neon signs
    • Outdoor signs
    • Pan faced signs
    • Sandblasted signs
    • Thermoformed signs
    Please consult with a Curbell Plastics sales representative at 1-888-287-2355 to discuss specific plastic materials and applications for signs or complete our request for quote online form.